ISCA Fast Track + ISCA Question & Answer + Summary book May 2018

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ISCA FTR i.e Fast Track Revision is covering Full Study material with memory technique

Prof Abhinav Jha is founder of India's best CA teaching website He is devoted to the cause of CA students. He is a permanent faculty member of India, the only academy for imparting CA education through DVDs .He teaches subjects like CA Final Direct taxes, ISCA and IPC ITSM. He faced many difficulties during his CA and CS Studies. He got success after many failures thats why he understands the problem of students better . His way of teaching is different, that's why he is most liked teacher. He taught more than two thousand students in a short span of 1.5 years. His teaching style is simple and effective. His effective presentations make the CA subjects interesting . He came from an ordinary family background and has worked hard to achive his success. Moreover, he is a good human, a motivator and inspiration for the students